Welcome to The Introspect! Started in 2017 by me, Carolyn, this is an inside look at what’s on the mind of an introverted, free spirited, purpose-seeking, deeply curious, intensely perceptive, Type A creative who feels a burning passion to connect with the world, and hopefully connect the world with each other, in a positive way.

There’s nothing too serious or too specific about this place. It’s simply a platform for me to share with you anything that makes my life feel better in any way – be it significantly or just for a moment, or to inspire you by sharing things that have inspired me.

You’ll see a lot of things relating to health/fitness/wellness, beauty/skincare, music, and home goods. You’ll also see stories about people who have gone off the beaten path to follow their passions & dreams or who have done something wonderful for this world. What else might you see? I’m not sure. This shit is a journey. So join me.

It’s a dream for me to have this outlet, so seriously thank you for stopping by – and please do stick around.

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Oh, hey. If you’re wanting to get a little bit more personal right now, here are a few things about me!

Who Are You? 

I’m Carolyn. A 31 year old wife and mom of one toddler daughter, looking to do something meaningful for a living in order to live my happiest life and be the best role model I can be for my little girl, while still spending all the time I want with her.

Where Do You Live?

Right now we are living in Salt Lake City (No, I’m not Mormon). It’s a stunningly beautiful place. I moved here at the very end of 2011 when my relationship with my husband (then boyfriend) started getting a little more serious. Before this I lived in Chicago! I was born in St. Louis, Missouri, then grew up in Northeast Ohio in a smaller city named Medina – about 25 miles outside of Cleveland.

Tell Us About Your Family 

My husband’s name is Kahle. Kahle Joe Lynn Geronimo Jackett, to be exact. That’s for real. He comes from an eccentric family, which was only fitting for me to marry into. We got married in 2013 when our baby girl was 2 months old. Our relationship was a whirlwind and we found out we were pregnant after I had lived here with him for less than a year. Our daughter’s name is Basil. She was born in July of 2013. While this blog isn’t really about my personal life, I’m sure you’ll see and hear more about them!

What Were You Doing Before This?

I got my Bachelor’s Degree in Integrated Health Studies, with a focus on Health Services. I graduated in May of 2008, then in June left to spend the summer in South Africa. As soon as I returned to the states, I packed my stuff and moved in with my sister in Chicago – with no job. I had to hustle my ass off to find anything that would get me a paycheck and ended up working for a law firm – which, let’s just say… wasn’t for me. A little while after meeting my husband I got out of my job, put my stuff in storage, and went on a month long road trip with him. Then we spent some time back in Ohio where he has family, too! And from there, moved to SLC. After a working a couple of more temporary jobs, while looking for something more sustainable out here, I found out I was pregnant & my daughter has been my job, and my whole world, ever since!




I am not a trained professional of any kind. Any time you try an exercise, beauty routine, or anything posted on TheIntrospect.com or its related social media accounts, you do so at your own risk. It is always advised to see your doctor before beginning a new fitness routine. The Introspect cannot and will not be held responsible for any injuries, negative reactions, or anything of the sort, that may occur after trying a workout, recipe, beauty treatment, etc. Please, always know your body, listen to your body, and make sure you are fully aware of what you are doing/eating/trying.