Here’s what’s going on with this series. The feminist in me wants to ignite the feminist in you, and regularly share with you stories of some serious girl power. When I’m gushing over a woman who has done something that totally lights a fire under my ass, I will put them in the spotlight and that bundle of female magic will be featured here. We all hold the power to inspire each other, simply by following our dreams and showing one another that we can do what we want.

Today’s light shines on a chick who is serious career goals.

Sarah (Larson) Levey. She’s 29 and building a damn empire.

Sarah and her husband had been living in New York City. She was working in the fashion industry. They’d both been yogis for a while, but became very frustrated with the options (or lack thereof) available to them. They bounced around different studios looking for the perfect spot to practice, but always ended up feeling unsatisfied. It actually led them to give their beloved practice up. Until one day, when (as she was quoted saying in an online interview) she and her husband said “fuck it” and decided that they were going to create their own space to do yoga in a whole new way.

They started off as a pop-up in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) and it was free. Only on the weekends, two classes a day. Cus duh, they still had jobs. But people came pouring in, looking to get in on the action – and they actually had to take to Craigslist to hire a couple of instructors, and quickly outgrew their space. What was the big draw? Y7 (the name of their yoga studios – yes, like multiple studios – we’re getting there) does yoga like no other. There are no mirrors in the room, it’s dark, candles light the space, class size is intimate, the room heats up using infrared technology, and you move to HIP HOP. Yes. Yoga to hip hop. No silence. No chanting. Just fuckin bangers. The name Y7 stands for Yoga and the 7 chakras. Love.

They were a pop up for 2 months in 2013. Opened the first official location in the same area shortly thereafter. In January of 2015 they opened Soho. In April 2015, Flatiron. In January 2016, Hollywood. In April 2016, Union Square. And more are on their way to accommodate their masses of admirers, including a list of celebs. (Save a spot for me, Sarah.)

I’m keeping this short and sweet. I mean, what else do we really need to know? She decided that she was going to do something, and she did it. And she’s killing it.

Often times our dreams seem so beyond reality, that we don’t even bother taking the first step toward them. But look what happens – when you do.

To end our feature of this HBIC*, I want to send you off with this little snippet from one of her online interviews that I stalked:

What advice can you give to aspiring young female entrepreneurs?

Let go of all your fears and just go for it! It is TERRIFYING to finally make that leap into what you are passionate about, but I promise you will regret it if you don’t try.


•Follow her on Instagram @sarah_levey to stay inspired•



*Oh hey… so, you noticed the asterisk. Are you sitting there scratching your head trying to decipher what the hell HBIC means? It’s ok. I’m here to elaborate. HBIC stands for Head Bitch In Charge. Meaning – you’re a boss and if you want something to happen – it’s gonna happen. It’s a good thing.

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