how cucumbers make you pretty


It seriously continuously blows my mind how much money is spent on skincare products. At one point I went out and bought a $40, tiny tube of moisturizing cream that J LO claimed to use – because maybe if I used it, I would turn into J LO and glow like the god damn sun. Instead I got a greasy face.

Why are we doing this to ourselves when nature practically provides us with everything we need for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin? Cucumbers are a front runner when it comes to natural skincare.

You know how like every image of someone at a spa, getting a facial, whatever – entails a woman with a towel on her head, some white stuff on her face, and cucumbers over her eyes? Ya, well there’s a reason why they’re there. The cucumbers. The cooling properties, antioxidants, and silica present in cucs (we’re abbreviating) make them masters at rejuvenating our skin, and soothing dark circles & puffiness which plague so many of us around the eye area. (FYI: silica is trace mineral that greatly contributes to strengthening our connective tissues.) But they can do so much more for us and our poor, tortured skin than just freshen up our eyes. Not to mention, they’re great for our health, too. We’ll get more into that another time.

Beyond the antioxidants and silica, cucs contain vitamins K & C and manganese & beta – carotene. AKA stuff that’s great for skin and hair. Here’s some stuff you can look forward to by adding this produce to your beauty regimen.

  • Glowing Skin Great for a cleanser & toner. Throw some cuc in a food processor. Apply the puree all over your face & neck, let it dry for 30 mins, and rinse with cool water. Your pores will be cleared out and your skin will be left nice and hydrated. Or, just use some of the juice on a cotton ball to tone.
  • Hydrated Skin They have a really high water content. There’s not many things more hydrating than water. So, put them on your face and eat them and your skin will thank you.
  • An Even Complexion They’re considered a natural bleaching agent which makes them useful for fading scars & restoring and evening out your blotchy complexion.
  • Younger Looking Skin (Anti Aging Benefits) Cucs will firm and tighten your skin. Getting on board with them ASAP can reduce and even reverse the signs of aging that none of us really look forward to – like wrinkles, fine lines, and dull skin.
  • Controlled Oil Secretion & Acne Too much oil production and acne go hand in hand. Those antioxidants that cucs contain will resolve inflammation and relieve your skin from clogged pores and excessive oil.

All sounds good, right? Next time you’re considering blowing half your paycheck on the newest “miracle cleanser” or whatever, I want you to go to the fridge, pull out a cucumber, and bat yourself in the face with it.

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