if you’re only brushing your teeth and hair, you’re missing something…


Ever heard of dry skin brushing? Well, it’s exactly what it sounds like… it’s brushing your skin. Ya, with a brush. Hold up though. Don’t dash to your bathroom and start scratching your skin off with your hair brush. There are brushes made specially for this awesome health & beauty routine.

Let’s start with why you should do it. Here’s a quick list of reasons:

  1. It stimulates your lymphatic system. (Buh-bye lingering waste & toxins.)
  2. It’s an amazing form of exfoliation.
  3. It increases circulation.
  4. It can reduce cellulite.
  5. It can reduce muscle tension. (Also calm your mind & relieve stress. )
  6. It may improve digestion & kidney function. (The perfect teammate for your morning lemon water.)
  7. It feels good! While it keeps you looking good by refreshing and tightening up your skin, people get hooked because there’s just something invigorating about it. You get done and your skin feels alive.


So, how do you do it?

Rather than writing out a description, here is a link to a YouTube demo (and I’m sure there are many others you can search) so that you can just see how it’s done. It’s pretty straight forward, but there is somewhat of a method. This girl’s video definitely wasn’t produced in Hollywood, but it gets the job done. Skip to 1:42 if you want to blow through her intro stuff & get straight to the goods.


Where can I get a brush?

There are plenty of online sources. I grabbed mine off of Amazon where I buy the rest of my life. You can also snag one in-store from a health/wellness related market. Just make sure you find one with natural bristles. An attachable long handle also comes in handy for when you need to get your back.

Mine looks like this ⇓ The top part comes off and has a nice fabric handle on the back so that you can slip your hand in and get your legs, arms, etc. Then just slide the handle on to get your back and any other hard-to-reach areas.



Give it a try and let me know what you think!

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