Another day, another list of noteworthy shit.

A friend of mine works for a large cosmetics/skincare company and she sent me a sample of this magic. It is so quick & easy, feels awesome while it’s on, and leaves my face glowing like a goddess when it comes off. Look for it online through Ulta or Amazon, or grab it straight from the source on Can’t wait to try out more of their product! MyChelle Dermaceuticals, Fruit Fiesta Peel

I totally forgot about this movie until browsing our OnDemand the other night. Watched it and loved it. For the second time. If you find yourself stuck with nothing to watch one night, now you have something. It doesn’t disappoint. 50/50, Film starring Seth Rogen & Joseph Gordon-Levitt (2011) 

Spiders. They’ve always been horrifying. They became especially horrifying for me when I got my own home out here in Salt Lake City and really started to notice the different revolting species that somehow make their way in – such as the lovely “Yellow Sac Spider” that cozies in where the wall and ceiling meet and spins itself into a web sac. Or the delightful “Funnel Weaving Spider” that’s damn near the size of my 3 year old’s palm, spins itself a funnel and hides in there, waiting to jump out at you.

Needless to say, I became inspired to do research on how to prevent these things from coming around. I know you can call some guys and have them come spray toxins all over the place, but I’m good on that. Besides, we still need them around (outside) to kill off the bugs that repulse us. There are ways that we can deter these foes without harming ourselves, them, or our environment. Here are 9 natural ways to keep spiders out of your house.

Originally brought to you by Marie Claire, this is the ultimate drink menu for radiant skin. Are we all going to do this every day for the rest of our lives? Probably not. But if you feel like your skin is needing a refresh – here’s your recipe. Click the image to head straight to the article and get all the details on how exactly these beverages are gonna hook you up.

I shared this little article from Apartment Therapy on my personal Facebook page not too long ago. Do you follow them? I’m totally addicted to their material. This feature was about 10 Simple Things To Make You Happier At Home. Check it out. Little things can make a big difference!


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