go-to granola


Granola is such a badass option for breakfast. Or a snack. It’s yummy, it’s filling, and it should be quite healthy. I love it with some (dairy free) coconut yogurt and berries, or just straight up bowl-of-cereal style with some almond milk. The problem with going out and buying a box of granola, my little sweet tarts, is that unfortunately many producers don’t know how to sell the stuff without loading it with bullshit and tons of sugar. Even when I reach for the supposed good quality organic stuff, I find myself cringing when I check out the ingredient list and nutrition label. And it can be expensive as hell, too… right? Well I found myself the perfect recipe via Cookie + Kate, a vegetarian food blog that has blessed me in the recipe department several times. It’s quick & easy, wholesome & nutritious, and so damn good. Had to share it with you all, including the specific way I personally make it… cus there are options! 

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why you may want to say goodbye to caffeine for good


Back when I worked at a law office in Chicago, my work wife and I would constantly be sending each other instant messages to meet in the break room for “more crack”. By work wife I mean my co-worker bestie, and by crack I mean coffee. It was not uncommon for us to slam 3 or more cups in a day to make it out alive. I’ve always willingly acknowledged that my coffee “habit” was actually a full-on addiction, and have cut it out a few times, only to relapse in a matter of days. As I write this, I’m almost 3 weeks clean… I know that sounds like nothing to some people, but if you’re a tweaker like myself, you know that’s an accomplishment. My previous attempts at cutting coffee out of my life were simply out of a personal desire to not be dependent on it. I wanted to energize myself naturally. But after a little bit of time, I’d find myself exhausted from things like my three year old doing summersaults over my body all night long and begin the self-justification. This time it’s different.

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add this juice to your bedtime routine for an overnight cleanse


Does anyone else have a serious problem with pantry raiding all night long? I am not one of those people who loves a big breakfast, then eats more and more like a bird as the day goes on. I’ll have a light breakfast and lunch, then when evening comes along I transform into a wild hog, devouring everything in my path. This was on Instagram at one point and really drew quite a smile on my resting bitch face:



Ah, always nice to know that you’re not alone. (Mine would look something more like 9 pieces of pizza, a whole bag of chips, a bar of dark chocolate, and a bottle of wine. But, you catch my drift.)

Soo ya, I’m working on that. Along with getting to bed earlier. One thing that seems to hold to be true, is that your lifestyle choices are like a chain reaction. When you make one healthy choice, other healthy choices will more likely follow. If you start your day with four donuts… probably not gonna go so well. I’ve been trying to drink a glass of cucumber infused water every night before bed, in order to stay more hydrated through the night. But I found this recipe via Healthy Food Style, and realized I could really be stepping my game up.

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ways to manage anxiety & depression without hitting up the pharmacy


Anxiety and depression are so common these days that we tend to consider them almost normal conditions, brushing it off like it’s no big deal when we hear that someone is struggling with one or the other – or both. But if you are one of the many who battle these disorders, you know how seriously they can affect your life.

Anxiety and depression have been present in my life pretty much as far as I can remember. Of course, as a kid I didn’t know what I was experiencing. At one point my parents took me to the doctor because I was constantly calling home from school and waking up in the middle of the night at sleepovers with severe nausea. I was always feeling sick and thinking that I was going to throw up, and I would go into a panic. My doctor diagnosed me with acid reflux and put me on a prescription for Zantac 75. Eye roll.

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Circuit training has proven itself to be a top contender in the world of workouts – giving you the most “bang for your buck”. If you’re looking for some sort of fitness routine where you can achieve maximum results in minimal time, need minimal equipment, and don’t even have to step out of the house – I got the goods right here. And really… who’s not looking for that? Forget shelling out all your hard earned $$$ on gym memberships and dreading the same old machines day in and day out. We can do bad all on our own.

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is foam rolling worth it?


We’ve already got too much on our plates. When someone comes along telling us that we really need to carve out some time to roll around on a foam cylinder… mehhh.

I’m sorry to tell you, though, that you actually really should. Come on. Let me tell you a little about what’s in it for you, and make this activity a little more enticing. 

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