balance your hormones with a handful of seeds


It seems like there’s a pill for everything these days. Ladies – we especially tend to have reasons to run to the medicine cabinet, thanks to our batshit crazy reproductive systems. There is a whole list of complaints that tons of women everywhere share, and it’s always an option to hit up the pharmacy… but there may be a better way.

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how cucumbers make you pretty


It seriously continuously blows my mind how much money is spent on skincare products. At one point I went out and bought a $40, tiny tube of moisturizing cream that J LO claimed to use – because maybe if I used it, I would turn into J LO and glow like the god damn sun. Instead I got a greasy face.

Why are we doing this to ourselves when nature practically provides us with everything we need for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin? Cucumbers are a front runner when it comes to natural skincare.

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HBIC – Kat Cole

Photo credit: Steph Grant


When you go from Hooters Girl to President of one of the world’s largest food brands, that’s called a come up. This lady is living proof of how patience, dedication, persistence, passion and bravery will pay off.

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SOTD – Get Ya Money


“Make that money girl it’s yours
Spend that money girl it’s yours
You work hard for it, it’s yours”

Ok, so he’s talking about a stripper in this song. But let’s just pretend it’s about whatever it is that we want to do.

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homemade vegan cashew queso


These are the makings of a delicious queso cheese sauce/dip that doesn’t consist of shitloads of bad fats and cow hormones. I made it the other night (as you may have seen on my Instagram) and it was used to smother nachos. It also served as a “snack” at midnight. Does 50 tortilla chips loaded with sauce count as just a snack?

As promised, I have the recipe for you.

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the movement you should really be a part of


Kayla Itsines. If you haven’t heard her name by now, you must be living under a rock. She became a fixture in my life when I came across a mutual friend on Instagram who had begun publicly sharing her fitness journey, and her body was to die for. As I scrolled through her photos, I saw her continuously giving thanks to this ‘Kayla Itsines’ chick for changing her life. Let the stalking begin.

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