shit to do as soon as you wake up to make every day the happiest day, ever


The way in which you wake up can have great effect on how your day goes. Chances are, you’ve noticed this.  Your day after a good night’s sleep and gently waking up to the slow rise of the sun , versus your day when you’re deep in a dream and your kid Bruce Lee’s you square in the face, looks differently.

I’m already not a morning person. So if my morning cracks off with something annoying, get the hell out of my way. Throughout this never-ending journey of personal happiness, I’m constantly researching ways to perk life up. I’ve put together a kickass list of morning rituals for you to start your day off on the right foot. Check it out.

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SOTD – Hotel California


I asked my husband what our song should be today and he said “Hotel California”. I agreed. It’s an insanely beautiful day here in Salt Lake City… totally feels like LA weather.

My husband was born in LA. At Joe Walsh’s house. He’s actually one of his godfathers. Joe and my father in law went to college at Kent State together in Ohio and became good friends. They traveled the world together for years and hung out a ton when they both lived in Cali. I shamefully admit I didn’t really know anything about him when I got together with my now husband. (I listen to hip hop and RnB. Who are the Eagles?) I met him back stage at one of his shows in Cleveland, not realizing how insanely huge his presence was on this planet. Now that I know, it’s neat to see the old pictures and hear personal stories!

Don Henley said about this song: “We were all middle-class kids from the Midwest. Hotel California was our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles.”


Left to Right: Bill (my husband’s other godfather), Genral (my father in law), Joe Walsh (Eagles member & solo artist) – recently together backstage at one of Joe’s shows.
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put a hold on gray hair AND keep your hair looking fly


Sometimes life hands you nice surprises. Like when you pull out an old purse and find $40 inside. And sometimes, life surprises you in not-so-exciting ways. Like when you’ve just finished brushing your teeth and as you’re turning to leave the bathroom, you catch a glimpse of something in the mirror. An unfamiliar shimmer in your hair. You turn the lights up and lean in closely… you mess with the dimmer, thinking there must just be some sort of weird reflection situation happening. But no…

Ok let me stop making this seem hypothetical. I’m telling you a story about something that happened to me not long ago. What I had seen shimmering in the light was fucking gray hair. At first I thought it was just like 1 or 2. But once I began staring deeply into the mirror at my hair and shuffling it around, thoroughly and frantically examining, I was basically appalled to see that there was a whole colony of these things settling in. I marched right out of there and sat down to begin my research. Why do we go gray and what can we do to slow the process down? I mean I’m not hating on people with gray hair. I actually think it’s really quite beautiful to see women age naturally, and I love a silver fox. But I’m 31 man. Now is not the time.

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believe & receive


The Law Of Attraction. The belief that by focusing on positive or negative thoughts, a person brings positive or negative experiences into their life. I started obsessing over this theory years ago, when I’d spent my High School years in a toxic relationship that resulted in day after day of grueling depression, then decided to move on right into another one! Yayyy!

Backstory: As a fresh-faced 14 year old freshman, I fell head-over-heels in love with a popular sophomore. Let’s skip all the bullshit and just say that for the next 3-4 years (yes, this even lingered on for a bit after he left for college) I loved him relentlessly while he “loved me too” but also loved being with 157 other girls, often times doing so right in front of my face. I’d say I spent 90% of those days either crying or trying really hard not to cry. It was a healthy bond. Finally, after visiting him a couple of times in college, I was a senior and decided enough was enough and I was going to move on if it killed me. Enter unhealthy relationship number 2! My High School was big. There were many people in my graduating class that I didn’t even know. This one guy I knew of, but had never really talked to, came and just sat down next to me at a basketball game and said “I want to take you to a movie.” Anddd that was that. I  of course said yes and went on the date because I was free and doing whatever the hell I wanted. Who knew we’d end up being obsessed with each other and spend like every single day of life together after that? Anyway, that’s what happened. And what else happened is that shit downward spiraled  faster and in worse ways than a child actor who is in one huge film and never works again. But naturally, I stayed committed to the relationship for the next 5 years.

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