SOTD – Penitentiary

Citizen Cope


Are you hip to Citizen Cope? Get hip. My sisters and I saw him live in Chicago a long time ago when we all lived there. When we were just in Austin together, this song came on and provided us with the perfect soundtrack for cocktails on the patio.

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tone & relax your body at the same time // a fav workout video


Over the years, I have become a self proclaimed exercise video expert. YouTube has an amazing selection of workout videos, and I have tried lots of them.

Back in 2012 I was newly back in shape after a busy life of work and way too much partying while living in Chicago (2008-2011) had gotten the best of me. I moved out to Salt Lake City at the end of 2011 and had begun getting myself back into a healthy routine. I came across this video right around that time and it immediately became my daily go-to.

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SOTD – Don’t Let Me Down


We had a super busy day yesterday. When we finally got home at 10 pm (3 am in pre-child time) I was getting ready for bed and had this weird kind of deja vu. For whatever reason I had a flashback to this snowy night when my boyfriend (now husband) and I went into one of our favorite dive bars. It’s totally stuck in the 70’s. There’s a fireplace, an old pool table, and the best juke box. In the winter there are adorable classic Christmas lights hanging up everywhere. We were having a really chill night and were cozied up in a round booth drinking beers and this song came on from the juke box. I remember having a moment of like pure contentment. After flashing back to this I got right on my computer and pulled this video up. So good.

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SOTD – Because I Got High


Why is 4/20 National Weed Day? I just blew my own mind when I realized I had never actually looked into this. Turns out it all stems from a group of high school kids in the 70’s. Back in the day, a group of friends who went to San Rafael High School in Marin County, CA called themselves “the Waldos”. They had a ritual of meeting up at 4:20 to get high together. Why? Cus they were smart kids. They were out of school, but their parents still weren’t home. A perfect little time to sneak in a smoke sesh. 4:20 then became a code for them to use in front of their parents when referring to pot, and it gradually spread from there. Some people theorize that it spread through Grateful Dead followers across CA and beyond.

On that note… today’s SOTD is self-explanatory. And a damn classic.

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lighten up


Our body may be our temple, but our home is our sanctuary. The state of the space that we live in can have profound effects on our physical, mental, and emotional health. So, the more you can do to keep your home clean, organized, cute and comfy; the better.

One of my all-time favorite home accessories is a special kind of lamp. I have four of them right now, and plan on getting more. And more. I’d honestly love one in every room of my house. These things not only give off the warmest vibe and will lift your mood, but can actually purify your air, too.

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