Here’s what’s going on with this series. The feminist in me wants to ignite the feminist in you, and regularly share with you stories of some serious girl power. When I’m gushing over a woman who has done something that totally lights a fire under my ass, I will put them in the spotlight and that bundle of female magic will be featured here. We all hold the power to inspire each other, simply by following our dreams and showing one another that we can do what we want.

Today’s light shines on a chick who is serious career goals.

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why (sweet) almond oil is my jam


I’m obsessive about natural products & routines that can do amazing things for our bodies, inside and out. When it comes to my skin and hair, almond oil is my baby. Adding this stuff to my almost daily routine has been a game changer. If you’re looking for soft, glowing skin that smells naturally sweet, and healthy, shiny hair… look no further.

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bangin banana muffins



This recipe comes to you from The Minimalist Baker. A couple out of Portland run this blog. They feature a wide range of recipes, mostly plant-based & gluten free. The best part about their stuff – it’s all easy. Their shtick is that all of their recipes require 10 ingredients or less, 1 bowl or 1 pot, or 30 minutes or less to prepare – hence the name, The Minimalist Baker. I made these muffins for my daughter a little while back and they were damn good. And I didn’t even put the sweet crumble on top that the recipe calls for. 

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noteworthy – a series


You guys… I’m a hoarder. Not the type whose house needs tunnels to navigate through – but in more of an intangible way. Well, some of it’s physical. i.e. being a total product junky and never being able to find the surface of my vanity. But a lot of it is floating around elsewhere – like screen shots of stuff I’m pining for, bookmarking awesome workouts or delicious recipes, or just literally a clusterfuck of stuff crammed in my memory.

I’m gonna start dishing this stuff out. If you want in on these goodies, simply keep your eyes peeled for the posts that read “noteworthy”. If you get behind, don’t forget you can search by tags on the home page. I’ll link every one of these posts to the noteworthy tag so you can easily pull up the whole inventory. Now let’s check out the first of many of these bad boys.

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