knock out allergies – naturally



Well, Spring is (kind of) here and for a lot of us this means something else is here, too. Allergies. Everything is beginning to look so beautiful around here. Trees are blossoming, tulips are blooming, butterflies are circling our heads, and I feel like I’ve been to hell and back. Same? I have some advice.

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SOTD – Inside Out


This is one of those songs you want blaring through the house when it’s Saturday, it’s warm out, you just opened all the windows, and you’re ready to have a fuckin feel-good day.

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a classic diner breakfast, without so much fat & cholesterol


My hub and I love randomly waking up on a Saturday or Sunday and deciding that it would be a great day to gorge out on a big slopfest of a breakfast. And never get dressed. When I first became vegetarian I was kind of repulsed by tofu, as many people seemingly are. The truth is, I just wasn’t giving it a fair chance. In it’s raw, natural form, I will admit it can be an off-putting texture. But once I started gearing toward being predominantly vegan, I decided to give tofu a second look. So glad I did because it can really make for some delicious dishes. These days, instead of going for a big plate of scrambled eggs, I’m all about that tofu scramble. HEY. Don’t knock it till you try it. 

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bake now, thank me later



I’ve never had much of a sweet tooth… ok, well, there was one period of time… Have you ever breastfed before? Whoa. I seriously never cared about cookies or cakes or any of that garbage, but in the early days of breastfeeding you will find yourself running to the nearest store to wipe out the bakery and demolish that shit like a wild, ravenous beast. At first I thought I was just becoming a pig & eating all of my new mom feelings, but after talking to other lactating moms, quickly realized it was a “thing”. My cravings subsided after a little while, thankfully.  Anyway, back in my normal state, if I’m gonna have dessert – I’m usually just into something simple. Like a good old fashioned chocolate chip cookie. And I have happily found the recipe for that. 

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ready to finally look at WHY the hell people keep telling you to drink lemon water?


I know you’ve seen it. Probably more times than you care to recall. The buzz about drinking lemon water has been all over the place for a while now. But if you’re a pro internet skimmer like many of us, you’ve probably noticed the headlines about it a bunch of times, and left it at that. Right? The truth is, there is a good reason as to why you should be drinking it. Actually, lots of good reasons. The list goes on and on… but I threw together some quick points for you guys so that you can finally bite the bullet and just take a peek at what this obsession is all about.

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SOTD – a series


Song Of The Day…

If the point of this blog is to share with you things that I love, then it would be completely incomplete without music being involved. The best gift I ever received (besides my cat when I was 10) was a CD player with big ass speakers. My parents had bought my sister a CD player when we were young and at the time we shared a bedroom. She really didn’t use it much and whenever she wasn’t around I was on it. My parents must have taken notice (of this and my affinity for hip-hop and RnB), and when my birthday rolled around, I ended up with a seriously tricked out system… subwoofer, light up features, multi-disc player… legit. This was probably regrettable for them, cus the thing never went off. And was typically shaking the walls with music that was beyond inappropriate for my age. Anyway, the point is, music has been in my blood since day 1.

In this series – which will be the one you see the most of – I’m gonna hook you guys up. Each post will contain a song that I love. So be prepared to either remember some music that you used to seriously bump to, or discover some new favorites.

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an introduction


Hi! Thanks so much for stopping by to check out the The Introspect! I wanted to give you all a quick idea of what’s up.

This blog is something that I’ve been dreaming about and working on for a while, and now – we’re live. I have so much to share with everyone and I can’t wait to connect with all of you through this little portal, where we can all gain from each other.

So many things have lead me to this. I always felt that I was meant to connect with people in a special way, on a large scale… but I always struggled with figuring out what exactly that meant for me. Have you ever had that feeling or been in that position? Where you know there’s something you’re meant to be doing, but you can’t seem to pinpoint what it is? Well, not too long ago, I had this moment… the answer was so simple, and had been right in front of me for so long. It’s like when you’re tearing your house apart like a total lunatic looking for your keys, and when you finally stop to admit defeat, you look down and they’re in your hands.

I’m starting this thing with the intentions of forming a loving community with all of you. Creating a happy space where we can go, in a time when the world around us isn’t always feeling that great. Simple content. But content that we can relax to. Be inspired by. Learn from. Laugh about.

The Introspect will be an inside look at all types of stuff that comes through my life. You’ll find workouts to try. Music to experience. Recipes to make. Nutritional information to take in. Things to help you love your home. Beauty products to grab. Motivational stories. Nothing heavy or negative. Just good shit.

I want to share with you the things that make me feel well, happy, healthy, inspired… and in turn bring you all of those great feelings.

I’ve published a few things to get us started off – stick around for a lot more. Seriously excited to share this space with you!

Oh, and get at me on social media. There will be extra goodies going on there.

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