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If the point of this blog is to share with you things that I love, then it would be completely incomplete without music being involved. The best gift I ever received (besides my cat when I was 10) was a CD player with big ass speakers. My parents had bought my sister a CD player when we were young and at the time we shared a bedroom. She really didn’t use it much and whenever she wasn’t around I was on it. My parents must have taken notice (of this and my affinity for hip-hop and RnB), and when my birthday rolled around, I ended up with a seriously tricked out system… subwoofer, light up features, multi-disc player… legit. This was probably regrettable for them, cus the thing never went off. And was typically shaking the walls with music that was beyond inappropriate for my age. Anyway, the point is, music has been in my blood since day 1.

In this series – which will be the one you see the most of – I’m gonna hook you guys up. Each post will contain a song that I love. So be prepared to either remember some music that you used to seriously bump to, or discover some new favorites.

Alright. Very first SOTD. It’s an oldie, but absolute goodie. Sooo goodie. Also, it feels sort of perfect in relation to my life journey and arriving to this point where I’m just releasing all inhibition and following my dreams.

Sia – “Chandelier” (piano version)


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