SOTD – Don’t Let Me Down


We had a super busy day yesterday. When we finally got home at 10 pm (3 am in pre-child time) I was getting ready for bed and had this weird kind of deja vu. For whatever reason I had a flashback to this snowy¬†night when my boyfriend (now husband) and I went into one of our favorite dive bars. It’s totally stuck in the 70’s. There’s a fireplace, an old pool table, and the best juke box. In the winter there are adorable classic Christmas lights hanging up everywhere. We were having a really chill night and were cozied up in a round booth drinking beers and this song came on from the juke box. I remember having a moment of like pure contentment. After flashing back to this I got right on my computer and pulled this video up. So good.

According to the little bio that I read below this video, John Lennon wrote this song as an expression of his love for Yoko Ono. Lucky lady. The cool thing about this video, is this is the last time the Beatles would be seen performing live together. It was January 30th, 1969 and the band climbed 5 stories to the top of the Apple Corps headquarters, where they performed an impromptu rooftop concert. They were eventually shut down by the cops, but a crowd of really lucky people who happened to be passing by, got to witness a monumental moment.

The Beatles – “Don’t Let Me Down”

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