SOTD – Hotel California


I asked my husband what our song should be today and he said “Hotel California”. I agreed. It’s an insanely beautiful day here in Salt Lake City… totally feels like LA weather.

My husband was born in LA. At Joe Walsh’s house. He’s actually one of his godfathers. Joe and my father in law went to college at Kent State together in Ohio and became good friends. They traveled the world together for years and hung out a ton when they both lived in Cali. I shamefully admit I didn’t really know anything about him when I got together with my now husband. (I listen to hip hop and RnB. Who are the Eagles?) I met him back stage at one of his shows in Cleveland, not realizing how insanely huge his presence was on this planet. Now that I know, it’s neat to see the old pictures and hear personal stories!

Don Henley said about this song: “We were all middle-class kids from the Midwest. Hotel California was our interpretation of the high life in Los Angeles.”


Left to Right: Bill (my husband’s other godfather), Genral (my father in law), Joe Walsh (Eagles member & solo artist) – recently together backstage at one of Joe’s shows.

The Eagles – “Hotel California”



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