why you should be eating turmeric… and rubbing it on your face


Turmeric is one of those fabulous spices that can pretty much transform your life. Whether you’re sprinkling it over your food or mixing it into a powerful face mask, turmeric is going to hook you up.

Let’s start with an overview of how eating turmeric often can be unbelievably good for your health. An Indian spice, and part of the ginger family, this spice has been used for years in Chinese medicines for things such as clearing infections & treating inflammations.

Here are 10 benefits:

  1. Powerful Antioxidant: Several studies actually showed that its antioxidant properties fight off cancer-causing free radicals, reducing or even preventing the damage they can cause.
  2. Extraordinary Anti-Inflammatory: Can prevent & treat inflammation inside or outside of the body. Whether it’s arthritis, your kidneys, or an external skin condition. Said to be very potent and one of the most powerful natural anti-inflammatories!
  3. Natural Pain Reliever: Has been shown to work better than an Ibuprofen.
  4. Lowers Risk Of Heart Disease: Can actually possibly reverse it, too. 
  5. Natural Anti-Depressant: Had the same positive effects as a Prozac in a study with depression patients.
  6. Delays Aging & Fights Related Diseases: Oxidation and and inflammation contribute to aging, and Curcumin (explained in a moment) will destroy both of those.
  7. Boosts Metabolism + Relieves Indigestion and Heartburn: Aids in fat metabolism and gets your digestion system on track.
  8. Deters Diabetes & Alzheimers: Moderates insulin levels and reduces inflammation in the brain, which may be a main cause behind Alzheimer’s.
  9. Relieves Menstruation Symptoms: Popping your supplements, consistently, leading up to your menstrual cycle is said to reduce cramping.
  10. Moderates Cholesterol: Regulates something called your homocysteine level, which if high, is associated with heart and blood vessel disease.

To enjoy these benefits, a good, raw Turmeric should be incorporated into your diet as often as possible. Sprinkle it into rice dishes or whatever sounds good to you (and add black pepper – you’ll understand why in a minute.) But, you should always have a supplement on hand, because let’s be real – you’re not going to be slamming this stuff by the handfuls on the daily. There are a few things you want to watch for when searching for a supplement.

  • Organic. Always go Organic.
  • High Curcumin Content. This is the main power force in Turmeric that is pretty much responsible for all of the awesome health benefits it provides.
  • Piperine. AKA black pepper, which when combined with Curcumin, significantly enhances the absorption process. Since it tends to be difficult for our bodies to fully absorb Curcumin, you definitely want to check for this ingredient when picking a supplement.
  • GMP Label. GMP stands for Good Manufacturing Practices and basically ensures that your health supplement contains exactly what it says it does on the packaging.

You can hit up a local vitamin shop or health based market such as Whole Foods & ask someone to guide you in the right direction, or search Amazon for some good options!



So that was just the health stuff. On top of all of that, Turmeric is also an incredible natural beauty product. Which is why I’m obsessed.

Incorporating Turmeric into different mixtures – whether it’s a face mask, scrub, or something else – can form amazing skin products. It can aid in a wide variety of skin issues such as acne, oily skin, dry skin, wrinkles, stretch marks, signs of aging, skin pigmentation, sun burn, and more.

It can also work magic on your hair! Prevent hair loss, treat your dandruff or other scalp issues, or even use it as a natural hair dye.


Here’s a list of 20 amazing turmeric face masks you can put together, for all different skin types and issues!

Get glowing!

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